Planet PhD

Sunjeev Kamboj: On the other side…..being a PhD Supervisor

June 29, 2020

For the first time on Planet PhD, we welcome a real life Professor onto the podcast. Prof Sunjeev Kamboj researches clinical psychopharmacology and experimental psychopathology (count how many times we get that wrong) at UCL, London.

He joins to tell us what it’s like on the other siiiide -- as a PhD supervisor. We ask Sunjeev about how supervisors and PhDs can best work together towards a positive PhD experience. Spoiler: communication, baby. He gives us his tips and we discuss things we’ve found difficult from our side, as PhD students.

Gigi’s commitment to sound quality brings her from a blanket tent somewhere in Brighton and we analyse Sunjeev’s Zoom bookshelf.

In this episode we mention a previous Planet PhD with Vanessa Hennessy, whose PhD is supervised by Sunjeev. One our most popular episodes - in which Vanessa injects her husband with Ketamine *N.B. as part of a research study*. Listen to 'Vanessa Hennessy: Modifying Memories" for more on the awesome research going on in Sunjeev’s lab!