Planet PhD

Joe Millard: Pollinator biodiversity in a changing world

May 26, 2019

In this episode we chat to Joe Millard all about his work on pollinator biodiversity. Don't worry, it's not just about bees!

Joe is a computational ecologist based at University College London and the Institute of Zoology, studying the causes and consequences of global pollinator biodiversity change.

We discuss what biodiversity actually means, all the crazy different pollinator species (spoiler, Justin Bieber is apparently not a pollinator), and you can hear a room full of pollinator PhD students struggle with some key important facts. 

We don't just cover Joe's PhD topic but he gives us some tip tips about working before starting a PhD and how to save the big bucks on tinned tomatoes. 

Joe's PhD is funded by the London NERC DTP, with a contribution from the RSPB under a CASE studenstship.


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