Planet PhD

Giada Brianza: how smells affect your body image

November 11, 2019

This week we chat to Giada Brianza from Sussex Uni's Human-Computer Interaction Lab. Giada tells us about her research into olfactory cues and body image, specifically how different scents like lemon and vanilla can influence how we perceive our bodies. This could have a therapeutic role in the future, which is increasingly important since problems arising from body misconception, including eating disorders, are on the rise.

We speak about other fascinating sensory ‘cross-modalities’. What does a lavender scent ‘feel’ like? What scents are linked with piano music, compared to brass instruments? What colour is the taste of peppermint?

Giada gives us her tips for PhD life - especially a moratorium on any decision-making on Sundays…


Find out more about the SCHI lab here: and on Twitter: @schi_lab